Advice: Losing a loved one as an entrepreneur


Last week I had an intimate conversation about dealing with tragic loss.

It was with a young entrepreneur in Houston, Texas, who recently experienced the unexpected death of his father to the Coronavirus.

We were introduced by a mutual friend due to our similar circumstances. I also lost my father early last year, 2019.

And so our mutual friend hoped I could pass along some words of wisdom to this entrepreneur, speaking from experience.

I’m a firm believer that God puts you in certain situations so you can help lead others out of similar circumstances.

And so with the permission of this young man, I’m sharing our conversation in hopes it can help others to better handle the loss of a loved one.

Note: due to the intimacy of our conversation, all names have been stripped.

Even if you haven’t lost someone, I know you’ll get something of value from our conversation.

During our call, I outlined some key lessons learned from losing my father:

  • 4:50 – How I lost my father to cancer.

  • 10:45 – How I initially, incorrectly, dealt with the loss.

  • 11:20 – The correct way to deal with a loved one’s death.

  • 12:20 – How reflection helped me heal.

  • 13:20 – How it feels after you lose someone.

  • 14:20 – How to start the real healing process.

  • 20:20 – Helping other family members heal.

  • 22:25 – Using a crisis to re-evaluate and improve your life.

  • 25:00 – Let time do its thing and let the waves of emotion wash over you.

  • 25:19 – Learning to be kind to yourself during this period.