Advice: Going from Microsoft to Startups

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I recently connected with Mike A. Mike is a member of a Microsoft community I started and had heard about my background and was interested in connecting about how he can best position himself for transitioning from the corporate world into startups.

In our call we discussed the following:

  • How to know you’re ready to leave corporate and go do a startup (2:00)

  • How and where you can find a co-founder (4:37)

  • How to find the best startup ideas? (5:38)

  • Should you start a business around Coronavirus (COVID-19) (8:25)

  • How to find your tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs while still working the corporate job (10:05)

  • What Seattle startup events you should start attending (12:24)

  • What to do to not feel like an imposter at startup events when you haven’t made the jump (13:13)

  • How much progress on your idea should you make before making the jump (15:15)

  • The most unintuitive thing about raising capital (16:27)

  • How to value your co-founders if you’re coming in to a later stage startup (19:17)

  • What specific type of person makes the best co-founder and how you can identify them (20:22)

Listen to the conversation for some great insights!