The last key to onboarding excellence is to really emphasize the social. Encourage new hires to bring their authentic selves to the workplaces and to get to really know their coworkers.

Interactivity is key to onboarding enjoyment. Your new hire needs to get some quick wins by completing some tasks leveraging the knowledge base as help.

Physical employee handbooks are outdated. Digitize your knowledge base so that it’s a searchable living entity.

Remote-first works for everyone. But your mindset around remote needs to change first.

Due to COVID-19 the world has been forced to embrace remote work. But I’ve always believed that remote work culture has always been eminent.

This message was recorded before the senseless shooting of Jacob Blake. I’d love to sit here and claim, “I can’t believe this is still happening”, but that’d be a lie. George Floyd & Jacob Blake aren’t going to be the last…Until we collectively get off our asses and speak out. Stop being complacent and comfortable

For the longest time, I couldn’t understand why it was so hard for neu to raise. I mean, we’d done all the things you hear a startup should. And yet when we tried to raise, investors were even more skeptical! We couldn’t raise to save our lives.

I’ll keep this one simple. Get a Lead Investor ASAP.

Isn’t it funny how it’s the most obvious statements that turn out to be wrong…

Like everyone else neu was heavily impacted by COVID-19. First, we went on the defensive.