Going into 2020 I’m hopeful that we take more of the good, from tech, and less of the bad with us.

Not only must you set goals, but you must time-bound them too. If you do not time-bound your goals, you fool yourself into inaction

Not one to shy away from a podium or stage (though I may stumble and ‘umm’ my way thru), I wanted to continue to share my message w/ others.

Either years of climbing up the career ladder and incrementally learning. Or you create the opportunity for yourself on an accelerated learning path.

They say luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Don’t approach the next opportunity with the same level of preparation as you did the last one.

For the longest time, I couldn’t understand why it was so hard for neu to raise. I mean, we’d done all the things you hear a startup should. And yet when we tried to raise, investors were even more skeptical! We couldn’t raise to save our lives.

Start a business in college, not for the success but for the process. The more attempts at-bat you take, the more failures, the more learnings you’ve earned.

Start businesses, in college, when the risk is really low. When you have more free time. When you can afford to live on oodles of noodles.

“You get out of life what you put in.” When you start taking action, and even better, when YOU act first, you begin the process of “putting in.”

As a student, the world has handed you opportunities, more or less on a silver platter, that others struggle to get access to.

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