How To Avoid An Identity Crisis


When we are singularly focused on one track or one activity, we tend to wrap all of our identity into that one thing. This is even more amplified when the world rewards you for pursuing said track or activity.

But tying your identity into one single thing, especially something external to you, is never a good idea.

Because when that one thing, mostly out of your control, ends or is taken from you, you are bound to have an identity crisis.

The solution is always to understand that you are more than just one thing. Your identity can never be distilled down to just one thing.

It is a mashup all the things you are passionate about and all the things you are curious about. Your identity can change and, in fact, grows with you as you age.

Do not let the world define you by or stuff you into a single identity. You are too complex and unique to be summarized by just one thing.