How To Handle Tech Interview Rejections

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Passing a technical interview consists of a lot of preparation and a little bit of luck.

You can feel very disappointing walking out of an interview knowing you didn’t get the job.

This in no means is a reflection on your abilities or capabilities. So do not take things personally. It just means you weren’t prepared enough to get the job, THIS TIME.

Your goal during interview season is to get feedback. And improve after every interview, until you land the right offer.

That’s why I outlined my approach to interviews the way I did. It allows you to maximize your practice and improve your skills and odds before you attempt your “dream-job” interviews.

Rejection from any company it’s not a lifetime ban. It simply means “not right now”. So don’t let that stop you from going back preparing some more and coming back to interview at a later period.

Since you never know if a second chance is right around the corner, it’s best you resume preparation as soon as you get that rejection.

They say luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Don’t approach the next opportunity with the same level of preparation as you did the last one.