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Invite me to speak at your next event 🙃

Honestly, very thankful to have accomplished one of my goals this year of becoming a public speaker on tech/startups.

It started in 2016 when Josh Holmes & Tracey Trewin invited me to speak at Decoded in Dublin even though I was not on their team (and even further back when Linda Smith Shank asked me to speak to her students).

Thankful to my managers Gary Caldwell and Ruchi Bhargava for affording me, a new hire (less than a couple of months in) the opportunity to go to Dublin and speak. I truly relished that experience so much and made so many friends from PCT (before later joining them).

Not one to shy away from a podium or stage (though I may stumble and ‘umm’ my way thru 😅), I wanted to continue to share my message w/ others.

Then earlier this year Krystal Geyer invited me to speak to her Ball State University entrepreneurship class.

In the past 3 weeks alone I’ve gotten to travel to Chicago & Denver (for the first time) to speak and connect w/ other CTOs and technology leaders.

Next month, I head to NYC to speak at the Nasdaq and finish out the year strong.

It’s been a crazy year since the passing of my father but I know he’s smiling at me putting in the work and accomplishing these goals.

More talk videos to come soon 💯.