My Failed College Startups

Life, Success

Having started and failed at two businesses in college, I can tell you a few things.

The first of which is to do it!

I’ve had students complain to me about how busy they are with class and work that they couldn’t imagine starting a business while in school.

Or that the “time isn’t right” and they need to learn more or do more before they can start that business.

Listen, the goal of starting a business in college isn’t to become Mark Zuckerberg and create the next Facebook.

It doesn’t matter if it is successful. In fact, it will likely fail!

The goal is to learn a lot about what it takes to build and grow a business.

Discovering a problem, creating a solution, building the right team, pitching your ideas to others, really exploring the viability of your business model.

Start businesses, in college, when the risk is really low. When you have more free time, even though you think you don’t. When you can afford to live on oodles of noodles.

Not only will this prepare you for the lifestyle and early years of being an entrepreneur. But regardless of the outcome, you will take away hundreds of valuable lessons that will make your next attempt at entrepreneurship that much more fruitful.