Why Team Athletics Is The Best Business School

Business, Life, Success

It is a commonly held belief that athletes make the best business leaders & employees.

And I couldn’t agree more.

You see, as athletes, we’ve learned to work as individuals for the greater good of the team.

We love to compete. Give an athlete a set goal and an opponent and watch her go!

Athletes understand sacrifice. Whether it is giving up personal glory for the team’s benefit or the countless hours and physical sacrifice made in order to get better at our craft.

Finally, athletes understand that we only get better, together, and we only achieve more, together.

My time on the Ohio State football team instilled in me the mindset that life, and business, are a team sport.

In order for a business to succeed, you need team members to fill all positions. As an entrepreneur, you simply cannot do it all; or at least do it all AND do it well.

You must trust that your team members will handle their own responsibilities in striving for the greater good of the company.

Just as, in a game, you must trust that the defensive lineman next to you will handle their responsibilities and fill their gap or hold the edge.