Claudius is CoFounder @ neu (useneu.com), a Speaker, & Tech Entrepreneur who advises early-stage founders and aspiring entrepreneurs on how to break into startups, along with the tips and tricks he’s learned along the way. He’s passionate about raising the number of BIPOCs in Tech & VC by paving the way.


Claudius has been invited to speak to everyone, from entrepreneurship students at Ball State University to CTOs/Engineering Executives at the Nasdaq in NYC.

Claudius holds a Bachelor in Computer Science from The Ohio State University.

Along with his CoFounder, Claudius was nominated for the GeekWire Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2020) and graduated from the prestigious Techstars Seattle Startup Accelerator. He previously worked as a top software engineer at Microsoft. And played D1 college football at his alma mater.

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